Oct 7, 2010

4.0, Cataclysm etc

Cataclysm release is exactly 2 months away so it's time to cover what's going on. Now this post won't be quite as long as I'd want because I haven't been following the "scene" that much.

4.0 will hit live next week, 13th of october ending the current arenaseason. This will start the Cataclysm launch events (similar to Dark Portal opening for TBC and scourge invasion for WotLK) tearing up the vanilla zones and starting the attacks to the cities.

7th of december it's finally here, the long awaited (and overhyped) Cataclysm. Season 9 is scheduled to start just one week from release so you better hurry up with the leveling. The first season of the expansion will propably be as awful as WotLK's, but I'm still eager to see how it turns out.

Models of arenagear aren't on the beta yet but I'm hoping they don't look like this (rogue tier 11 which looks like some rehash of old druidgear):

That's all for today, stay tuned for more updates on rogues and WoW in general!

Oct 5, 2010

The classic of WotLKvids - Prettysneaky 1

Since I haven't had time to look through Cataclysm changes I'll just post another one of my favorite videos: Prettysneaky 1. Definitely one of the best roguevids of WotLK.

Original WCM-link: http://www.warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=109291

Oct 3, 2010

The classic of roguevids - Neilyo 14.5

The ultimate roguehero, Lord Neilyo, the player who popularized vanishing blinds and blinding vanishes in rogue vs rogue duels.

Original WCM-link:

A little information about myself

Hello everyone,

as a first real blogpost I thought I'd be telling some basic information about myself on WoW.

Only started WoW at the middle of season 3 thus pretty much missing on the high-level arenaplay of TBC, only reaching 1.9k in season 4. I'm currently playing my rogue on EU-Stormscale, being rather inactive since season will be ending soon and finding a decent team is such a hassle. Also playing rather casual 2v2-arena on priest and mage, priest @ 2k and mage @ 2.1k. I've played rogue up to 2.5k in 3v3, being at the edge of gladiatorcut at the time but never actually reaching gladiator.

For the next blog I will propably be looking through Cataclysm-changes so don't go anywhere!

Oct 2, 2010

Roguesource goes live!

The ultimate source for rogue knowledge is finally here.

The blog will mostly be about rogues in pvp, also covering a hint of pve and other classes to some extent. 4.0 and eventually Cataclysm going live will be some events I will surely be blogging about.

First real blog should be up anytime soon, and I'll be trying to put up new entries weekly. Stay tuned!