Oct 3, 2010

A little information about myself

Hello everyone,

as a first real blogpost I thought I'd be telling some basic information about myself on WoW.

Only started WoW at the middle of season 3 thus pretty much missing on the high-level arenaplay of TBC, only reaching 1.9k in season 4. I'm currently playing my rogue on EU-Stormscale, being rather inactive since season will be ending soon and finding a decent team is such a hassle. Also playing rather casual 2v2-arena on priest and mage, priest @ 2k and mage @ 2.1k. I've played rogue up to 2.5k in 3v3, being at the edge of gladiatorcut at the time but never actually reaching gladiator.

For the next blog I will propably be looking through Cataclysm-changes so don't go anywhere!


  1. I went to college and didnt have time to play any games. I have no idea what you are saying. Im slightly sad.

  2. I tried WoW for a month, but I still don't see the appeal in it.

  3. Yeah, never could get into WoW myself.