Oct 2, 2010

Roguesource goes live!

The ultimate source for rogue knowledge is finally here.

The blog will mostly be about rogues in pvp, also covering a hint of pve and other classes to some extent. 4.0 and eventually Cataclysm going live will be some events I will surely be blogging about.

First real blog should be up anytime soon, and I'll be trying to put up new entries weekly. Stay tuned!


  1. World of Warcrack is a drug. It destroys families, homes and lives in the blink of an eye.

    Don't become an addict.

  2. Nice blog :P i used to be a frequent wow player myself

  3. good blog ! post more !

  4. I played FFXI casually back in my day but not so much that I had anything to bolster about. No offense but I don't have the time to play a 40 hour/week work simulator.